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    Specific nature of superior- and distinguished - level students. The first reason behind starting any textbook or workbook with an analysis of the target audience is obvious – a primary audience profile impacts all aspects of the teaching process. This profile usually includes demographic features -age group, first language and culture, professional background – the entry and target proficiency levels. For this research, the most important elements of the audience profile are the entry and target levels of proficiency. The target audience of this research are the superior level students who are working towards distinguished level foreign language proficiency with a special focus on socio-cultural and sociolinguistic competences. Since this group is characterized by near-native levels of foreign language proficiency, it is particularly important to understand what near-native proficiency actually means. It is important to understand how this target group both resembles and differs from educated native-speakers.

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    Importance of developing SCC and SLC for students working towards near-native level of language proficiency. We must demonstrate the significance of SCC and SLC rather than just stating this need. To be persuasive, the demonstration must contain specific and clear examples that illustrate the point being made.

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    Definition of SCC and SLC. Students cannot learn and teachers cannot teach without clearly defining what they are working towards. The definition should not only be concise and clear but also serve as a basis for further learning activities;

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    Components of SCC and SLC chosen for practical mastering. Different research studies single out various components of SCC and SLC and a comprehensive list of these components will necessarily be long. The main reason to focus on any component(s) is its (their) relevance and wide use in a target language.


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