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system memory and disk are minimised. Therefore there all Anjal fonts are loaded when Anjal runs in these later operating environments.

You may use Anjal2000 in Lite mode for free, as long as it is for your personal use. However, you are required to register your usage with Murasu.Com. This will help Murasu.Com keep you informed about new updates and other usage tips. You will also enjoy a free electronic newsletter that is sent out to Murasu users once a month.

To register Anjal2000, click on the “Register” button in the setup screen. You will have the option of sending the registration directly or through the email tool that you use regularly. If you are dialling to the Internet from home, you may just choose to send your registration directly. If you have problems with this, or if you are in an office environment, you may just cut the registration message, paste it into a new email composition and send it to register@murasu.com.

You may also signup for the Anjal mailing list in Yahoo! groups. Membership to this list is also free. To signup, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anjal, the groups home page.

We will look at the function of the “Upgrade” button in the “Anjal2000-Pro” section later.

Once you are done with your setup, you may click on the “Minimise” button to put Anjal into the system tray.

Murasu Anjal2000 incorporates seven keyboard layouts. These layouts offer different approaches to composing Tamil text. In this guide we will look at two layouts: Tamil99 and Anjal’s own layout. Which ever keyboard layout you chose, there is a key called the “toggle” key that lets you switch your computer’s

keyboard in and out of Tamil mode. For example; while you are typing in Pressing F12 English, pressing F12 will switch your keyboard a g a i n w i l l s w i t c h i t b a c k t o E n g l i s h m o d e . Tamil mode. to D The F12 key is used as the toggle key in Murasu Anjal. Pressing this key will switch your keyboard between English and Tamil modes.

If you are running Anjal-Lite, the switching will only work on applications that are supported by Anjal-Lite (see section on “What is Murasu Anjal”). If you are running Anjal-Pro, F12 will switch keyboards in any application.

If there is a +Murasu menu in your application, you may also switch keyboard with the “Tamil Keyboard” menu item – this is the first item in the +Murasu menu. When you are in Tamil mode, this item will read as “English Keyboard”. The effect is the same as pressing the F12 key.

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