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TSC, as such use TSCu_InaiMathi if your selected encoding is TSCII. Similarly use TAB_InaiMathi if you are using TAB encoding. If you are new, we recommend that you use TSCII 1.7 character set and the TSCu_InaiMathi font.

In Pro mode operation, you may choose any font in your computer to compose text in Murasu Editor. Again, take note that you should pick the appropriate fonts for your encoding (see section on Murasu Fonts).

Murasu Editor saves the files with an extension “.MRT”. The file is in Rich Text Format. You may also choose to safe the files with an “.RTF” extension instead. When you do this, you may open the same file in WordPad, Word, StarOffice or any other sophisticated word processor for more advanced editing and page make-up.

Like all Anjal supported applications, Murasu Editor also has the “+Murasu” menu. You will be able to use all the features in this menu within Murasu Editor. This applies to both Lite and Pro mode operation of Anjal.

Like the Murasu Editor, Murasu Mailer is another plug-in tool. However, Murasu Mailer is included in the core Anjal package, thus you will be able to use this tool even without installing the plug-ins package.

You may start Murasu Mailer in one of two ways. You can either click on the “Murasu Mailer” text link in the Anjal Setup screen (figure SU1); or start it the same way as the Editor by right clicking on the minimised icon and selecting the mailer item.

Before using the mailer to send email messages, you need to first set it up. To do this, click on the “Setup” menu item or the “À¿½” button. The setup screen will

appear as figure MM1.

Fill in your name (in English and Tamil) and your email address. The SMTP server is a tricky one. If you are directly connected to the Internet from home, you can leave this blank (do not even type a space). Otherwise, you need to check with your Network Administrator or your Service Provider for this information. If you are connected to an ISP, this information will be given to you in your signup package.

You can leave the “Port” entry as blank. This entry is only useful if the SMTP service you are using is configured in a non-standard (abnormal!) way.

The other two entries are “Message Encoding” and what you want the mailer to do after sending your message.

Note that the options for Message Encoding in the mailer are limited. The message composition window (figure MM2) uses a font called “Anjal-Text”. This is a system font created in a bitmap format for sharp rendering on the screen. This font is based on Anjal encoding. The mailer will convert the text message you composed to the format you set in the Message Encoding before it sends it out to your recipients.

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