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At times, you may need to fix the wrapping of the text so that the same paragraph will appear exactly the same in any window size. To do this, you may have to manually break the lines by hitting return at a particular size.

The Wrap Selection feature, automates this for you. When you select a portion of "unwrapped" text and apply this feature, Murasu Anjal will break the text into lines of 60 to 70 characters in length. Figure ME6 shows the same text in figure ME5 after applying Wrap Selection.

Murasu fonts are loaded into your system only when Murasu Anjal is running. When you close Anjal, all Murasu fonts will be removed from the system. For this reason, it is advisable that you keep Murasu Anjal running at all the time in your computer. In the section on “Installing Murasu Anjal” above, we talked about placing Anjal in the start-up so that it is automatically started every time you start your computer. This will ensure that Anjal is running all the time and that the fonts are available to you.

Before we go further, it may be good to understand the terms “typeface” and “font”. A typeface can be defined as a uniform design of letters, numbers and other signs for printing. A font on the other had is a collection of a particular set of characters in a given weight, size and slant from a typeface.

In Murasu fonts, we have a number of typefaces and each of these typefaces are available in three different fonts. For example, the typeface “Mullai” is available as An_Mullai, TSCu_Mullai and TAB_Mullai.

The number of Murasu fonts you see will depend on the mode Anjal is running in. If you are only running Anjal-Lite, the free version, you will only see 3 typefaces (which will give you a total of 9 fonts). If you are evaluating Anjal-Pro (which is the 20 day free trial mode), you will see and additional 3 typefaces (9 more fonts). When you are running full Anjal-Pro mode, you may install Murasu Font Pack 1 which will add 7 more typefaces (21 fonts). Apart from these typefaces, there is a special font called “AA_Kannigal” which is a collection of symbols that you may ‘type’ into your documents.

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