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This is probably the most frequently asked question in Tamil computing. Our answer to this is simple: If you have a computer that supports Unicode, use Unicode. Unicode is the only standard for Tamil encoding. Windows2000 and WindowsXp support Unicode and include a Tamil font called Latha.

Murasu Anjal2000 was the first Tamil software to provide fonts and all the commonly used keyboard layouts for Unicode – including the Tamil99 keyboard and the popular Anjal keyboard. If you use OfficeXp, you may create Tamil documents, publications, spreadsheets and databases in Tamil based on the Unicode standard.

This will ensure that your documents and other files will be completely usable in the future.

However, Windows2000 and WindowsXp require a fairly powerful computer. Some users may still be using their older computer with Windows98 and older version of Office. Some may be using other applications for desktop publishing and email. For these users, it may not be possible to use Unicode at this point.

As an widely

interim solution, used encoding for

we recommend the TSCII encoding.

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Which ever encoding (or character set) you use, you must select this in Anjal Setup. Murasu fonts that start with “TSCu_” (TSCu_InaiMathi for example) will

work on both Unicode and fonts. Whether you choose Murasu font that starts with

TSCII encoding.

to use Unicode TSCu_.

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a unique feature of Murasu encoding, you may use any

The selection of a font will depend on the encoding you choose. As seen above, if you choose Unicode or TSCII, you will select fonts that begin with TSCu_. However, the choice of keyboard has nothing to do with your font or encoding selection. You may pick any keyboard you want and use that layout with the encoding you choose. This is another unique feature of Anjal.

Users who are comfortable with the Tamil99 keyboard or the Anjal keyboard may use the same layout when they compose text in any encoding.

We have seen that all of Murasu fonts are available in Anjal, TSCII, Unicode and TAB encoding. The TAB encoding was introduced in 1999 (after TamilNet99) to serve as a secure encoding for email and Web usage. If you select this encoding, you may use any font that starts with TAB_.

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