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Murasu Anjal2000 no longer includes fonts for the Murasu-6 encoding. This encoding was used in versions 6, 7 and 8 of the old Murasu software. However, there is a pack of fonts called “Murasu Compatibility Pack” which has all the fonts that were included in Murasu 6, 7 and 8. These fonts begin their names with AA_ (like AA_Alli, AA_Mullai etc).

The package is provided only for previous users of Murasu software. We do not recommend that they continue with these fonts. They may not work properly in newer version of Windows. We highly recommend that they move to Unicode (or TSCII if they still use older machines).

There is a software tool called Murasu Rich Text Converter that will convert your old documents to the new format. As long as your software is able to save the document in RTF format, the converter will convert the Tamil text in the document and substitute the appropriate fonts automatically.

Users who have moved from other Tamil software to Anjal2000 may also make use of the Murasu Rich Text Converter to convert all their documents from previous fonts to Murasu fonts. Please refer to the Murasu Rich Text Converter documentation for more details.

We constantly update our user guides and introduce new ones to help our users work better with the software. These updates are available free of cost from the help section of our Website: http://www.murasu.com/help. You may also write to info@murasu.com if you do not find an answer in the help section.

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