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On the left column of the setup screen, you will find the version number of the software just below the Murasu logo. Next to the version number is the operating mode of Anjal. You should see “Lite” which denotes that you are running Anjal2000 in Lite mode. If you have previously used Anjal2000, you may see different modes; we will discuss this in a later section.

In the middle of the column, there are four text links: “Help”, “Setup Anjal”, “About Anjal” and “Murasu Mailer”.

Click on this link to invoke the Quick Start Guide that is bundled into the package that you downloaded. This will start your Web browser and load the page.

Click this link to see the full setup screen. If you are already seeing the full setup screen, this will have no effect.

This link will show you the “About Box” when clicked. The About Box contains information like detailed version number and System ID number (see figure SU2).

Murasu Mailer is a simple tool that you can use to compose and send emails in Tamil. Click on this like to start the Mailer. We will discuss the mailer in a later section.

In the second column of the setup screen, you enter your personal information and select some settings. In the space provided, type your name in English and Tamil and your email address. If you are not familiar with Tamil typing, you may just leave the Tamil name blank or type it in English.

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