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The next two settings are the most important ones. Here is where you tell Anjal the keyboard and the character set you want to use. Let’s look at the various options that are available in Anjal.

Anjal2000 provides support for 7 keyboard layouts. They are:

This is the most popular keyboard among Anjal users. With this keyboard, you type Tamil text as you would write Tamil with Roman text. Check the section on “Using the Anjal Keyboard” for a details on how to use the keyboard.

This keyboard was introduced after the TamilNet99 conference in Chennai. It was subsequently announced as a standard keyboard for Tamil input by the Tamil Nadu state government in India.

This layout was introduced after the TamilNet97 conference in Singapore. There are not many implementations of this keyboard. It is included in Anjal2000 to support users who have been using this layout since Anjal 2.0.2.

Created by Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram of Switzerland, this layout is based on the Mylai font created by the same author. It was popularly used before any standardisation efforts were initiated to produce a common keyboard layout or even an encoding scheme for Tamil. Many Anjal users still use this layout as they find it to be closer to how they write Tamil script on paper.

Announced as a standard by the Tamil Nadu government after the TamilNet99 conference, this keyboard is based on the classical typewriter scheme with one difference: The modifiers (like “pulli” and “kokki”) are typed after the base consonant.

This is the classical typewriter layout.

New in Anjal2000-Second Edition. This layout is based on the popular Anjal keyboard. Some changes were made to realise a common scheme for Indic languages. Currently this keyboard has been tested for Devanagari, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil.

Pull down the option box (called the combo box) and pick the keyboard you would like to use.

If you type mostly in Tamil, select Tamil99 keyboard. This layout has been designed for fast Tamil typing on a standard keyboard. There are also specially designed “Tamil keyboards” that are based on the Tamil99 layout.

If you are comfortable typing English or Malay with a common PC keyboard, we recommend that you use the Anjal layout. With this layout, you may compose Tamil text using a simple romanised scheme. This keyboard layout is the most common among Anjal users world-wide.

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