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of a dominant company generates efficiencies and provided that all the other conditions of Article 81(3) are satisfied (see below section 5.3.3), such conduct should not be classified as

an abuse under Article 82 of the EC Treaty.6

Article 82 in combination with Article 86 9. Article 82 may be infringed by conduct of public undertakings or undertakings to which Member States have granted special or exclusive rights.7 Article 82 in combination with Article 86 may also be infringed where a Member State adopts or maintains in force measures,

which create a situation in which such undertakings are led to, or cannot avoid, abusing their

dominant position.8 The conditions of applying Article 82 to such abuses and the conditions for their justifications are laid down in Article 86 EC. Due to the specificity of Article 86 and its conditions, the application of Article 82 in conjunction with Article 86 remains outside the scope of the present discussion paper.

MS to take all appropriate measures to ensure that Treat obligations fulfilled 10. Article 10 of the Treaty obliges Member States to take all appropriate measures to ensure fulfilment of the obligations arising out of the Treaty. This article, which imposes on the Member States a duty to cooperate, read in conjunction with Articles 81 EC and 82 EC, requires the Member States not to introduce or maintain in force measures, even of a legislative or

regulatory nature, which may render ineffective the competition rules applicable to


These specific situations will not be addressed in the present discussion paper,


6 7



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