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LY Vanna, Cambodia Southeast Asian Studies Center, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand .

of Karen fled to stay in this camp. Our team study in four areas: Education, Karen Traditional Weaving, Health, and Environment. There is no higher education there, except Bible school. There is not enough teacher. For training skill, there is on formal training center in the camp. The camp face with high number of new born baby, about two babies were born a day. There is no recycle in the camp so controlling garbage is a big problem in the camp.

In Gender in Southeast Asia course, we talked about gender issue in Muslim community in the Philippine and the changing of those Muslim women from stay at home to involve in war with the Pilipino government. We also talked about gender and Buddhism- the rights of women to ordain, the discrimination in Buddhism- women as bad images. A woman is told not to touch a monk if does so she will get sin and the monk will break Buddha rule. Women rights, Marital law, Domestic violence. My papers for this course are:

“Analysis Story: “Kaki” as Gender issue in Khmer society” “The Code of Conduct for Khmer women as reflects women life in society” Both Kaki and the code of conduct for Khmer women empower the men. Husband always right and wife more often wrong. Wife must serve husband as a king in their houses. These writings exaggerate the reality in some points. For my argument I think that the writers want women do what they wrote and they try to draw a line for women to follow. If we look through the two writings, there is power and sexual inequality between men and women in house as well as in society. These things cause gender issue in Cambodia and in Southeast Asia.

Literature and Society in Southeast Asia: We learnt literature before, during, and after colonialism as reflect to society. We talked about Vietnamese, Cambodian, Pilipino, and Burmese literature. Through this course I learnt that literature was changed by society. And also literature is a tool of the leaders to spread their ideology. At the end of the course I catch up an idea to write a paper for this course. The paper is about “Psychological Aspects of Khmer women as reflected in genocidal literature Under Khmer Rouge Regime”. I analyzed literature that talk about Khmer Rouge regime to understand emotion of Cambodians during that time. Base on my paper, I learnt that Cambodian people were suffering both physical and mental from that regime very much. They lost their relatives, they witness of killing, they were threatened to kill, torture, hard work, starvation, diseases.

All these courses gave me an idea of a topic for my thesis. That is “Experiences of suffering during Khmer Rouge Regime and Relationship with Psychology of New People.” I will find the interaction between torture, losing, threaten, witness of

killing in the regime and the psychological of the Khmer Rouge victims to react with these things.


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