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EXECUTIVE BUREAU – NAIROBI - Session of 7-8 May 2009 - page 21 / 22





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    • i.

      A sustainable economic growth focusing on the strengthening of regional integration processes and depending on competitive agricultural and industrial sectors directed primarily towards market needs, in order to limit the heavy dependency upon external markets;

    • ii.

      Creation of productive and decent jobs generating substantial incomes to stop the cycle of poverty;

  • iii.

    social justice guaranteeing quick and low cost access of the population to basic social services, basic infrastructures, water, electricity, loans;

  • iv.

    effective and efficient governance based on judicious utilisation of public resources and heavy involvement of trade unions;

    • v.

      Fairness to reduce and eliminate in a reasonable period discrepancies based on sex, place, age and ethnicity.

Africa is rich however it is characterized by widespread and continuing poverty. Moreover, it is at a crossroads and completely marginalized, while it has a huge potential. In the current context, the world has become a global village, a kind of economic battle field where other peoples are emerging. In such a scene, it is important to be well prepared, to be willing to win, to move rapidly, to be offensive and to have good allies. Are we capable?

If African trade unions mobilise themselves to achieve the vision of ITUC-Africa “to build a regional democratic, independent and united trade union organization for the well-being of all African workers in a world where everyone can fully develop their potentials in conditions of freedom, democracy, good governance, equality and social justice”, it would be possible to say yes to this question.


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