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EXECUTIVE BUREAU – NAIROBI - Session of 7-8 May 2009 - page 9 / 22





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    • Kenya: The hotel occupancy rate has fallen;

    • Liberia: 1, 500 jobs are threatened in the mines;

    • Mozambique: Reduction of more than 20% of investments in the tourism industry;

    • DRC: 300, 000 jobs have been lost;

    • Tanzania: The tourism revenue has fallen by 20%;

    • Zambia: More than 3, 000 jobs lost in the copper industry;

    • More than 100, 000 TV subscriptions cancelled, causing 11, 000 job losses in 22 African countries;

    • Thousands of jobs lost in the agricultural sector.

      • 3.2

        Implications for incomes, poverty and development

Incomes and poverty – It emerges from the analysis of the economic and social impacts of the crisis that it will negatively affect the distribution of incomes in countries as well as the incidence of poverty. More analytically, some simulations have recently been done to show the impact of a 10% reduction in the global prices of cash crops, the flows of external capitals and remittances coming from the rest of the world on the incomes of households and government, employment and welfare.

Impacts of a 20% reduction of the global prices of cash crops

Indicators Production of cash crops

Variation in % -0.88

Export of cash crops Nominal income of households Available income of households

-10.4 -0.16 -4.45

Demand for informal work in the agricultural sector -2.58

Variation in the well-being of households


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