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PIC12F683 Rev. A Silicon/Data Sheet Errata

The PIC12F683 parts you have received conform functionally to the Device Data Sheet (DS41211D), except for the anomalies described below.

Microchip intends to address all issues listed here in future revisions of the PIC12F683 silicon.

1. Module: Resets (when WDT times out)

If the OPTION_REG bits, PS<2:0>, are clear, multiple spurious Resets can occur when the WDT times out. These Resets can occur even when the PSA bit is clear, assigning the prescaler to the Timer0.

Work around

If a CLRWDT instruction is issued before the WDT times out and before the OPTION register is modified, this problem is eliminated.

Date Codes that pertain to this issue: All engineering and production devices.

  • 2.

    Module: ECCP with Auto-Shutdown (Silicon Rev. A1 and B1) The PIC12F683 Rev. A1 silicon for the ECCP Auto-Shutdown is connected to the CMIF flag. See Figure 8-2 on the following page. Rev. A1’s auto-shutdown connection to CMIF causes the auto-shutdown to incorrectly operate synchronously. Additionally, reads of CMCON0 will incorrectly clear an auto-shutdown event. Work around Rev. A1 Silicon

    • 1)

      Poll the COUT bit until it is low.

    • 2)

      Read CMCON1 to precondition CMIF.

    • 3)

      If CMCON0 is read while COUT is changing, repeat steps 1 and 2. Fix

Rev. B1 Silicon

The Silicon Rev. B1 device (now shipping) has moved the auto-shutdown connection from CxIF to CxOUT. This will eliminate the synchronous shutdown and simplify the use of the comparator for a shutdown event. Figure 1 shows the function of auto-shutdown before and after the device revision.

© 2007 Microchip Technology Inc.

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