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Annex I: Methods Research Team Directors: Pat Carlen and Anne Worrall Research Assistant: Clare Sillitto Interviewer: Jan Sheath Transcription: Diana Gadd Financial Director: Mark Smith Financial Support: Charlotte Holmes

Keele Team Division of Labour Prison Interviews: Jan Sheath Ex-prisoner interviews: Pat Carlen, Jan Sheath and Anne Worrall Professionals’ interviews: Pat Carlen and Anne Worrall Life stories: Pat Carlen and Jan Sheath Work Package 2 Co-ordinator for Keele Team and MIP Programme:

Pat Carlen Work Package 4 and Work Package 5 author: Anne Worrall Data analysis and Keele Final Report author: Pat Carlen (incorporating excerpts

from WP4 and WP5 by Anne Worrall) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Investigative Methods The methods used in the investigation of the resettlement of women ex-prisoners in England and Wales consisted of literature reviews (see below for a list of sources) and interviews. The methodology was decided by the Spanish teams and within the parameters set for them the English team conducted 12 interviews with women in prison who were about to be released and 20 interviews with women who had been out of prison for varying lengths of time. The two women who agreed to give life- story interviews were interviewed more than once. Overall, 27 different women were interviewed.

Interviews were also conducted with 26 professionals working within the criminal justice and penal systems and who were especially well-placed to comment on women prisoners and programmes for their resettlement. These interviews were supplemented by telephone calls and literature provided by the agencies, as well as by official publications relating to the latest policy developments in relation to resettlement and women prisoners.

1.i. The Prisoner Interviews The 12 about-to be-released prisoner interviews were conducted in a women’s closed prison in the Midlands and answers to questions covering 15 main areas were recorded on the recording schedule reproduced below (in compressed format).

Recording Schedule for Prison Interviews

Variables of control

FIRST Session Date & hour

Hour interview is finished


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