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phone or other?

80.How has being in prison affected your relationships?

  • XIV.

    Questions for foreign nationals

    • 81.

      What nationality are you?

    • 82.

      Do you think that, being a foreign national, you

have especial problems in prisons? [Interviewer list them] 83. Has anyone from outside helped you since you have been in prison? e.g. embassy? church .organisation for foreign national others?

  • XV.

    Life After Prison

    • 84.

      How much longer do you have to serve?

    • 85.

      When you leave prison will you have any

restrictions placed on you e.g. probation, licence, parole conditions?

86.Will you have, or have you had, any kind of home leaves, open conditions or other preparation for release?

87. What (if anything) do you think you will find difficult upon release?

88.Where will you live? Will that be satisfactory to you? 89.Have you been linked up with any hostel, treatment programme, work, college, or any other facility or organisation in preparation for your release?

90.Do you have any work plans? Why do you say that?

  • 91.

    How will you be for money when you get out?

  • 92.

    Are you hopeful regarding the future? Why do

you say that?

93. Has anything good come out of your time in prison? 94. What would you like your life to be like in a year’s time?

  • 95.

    Do you think it will be like that?

  • 96.

    Is there anything that you would like to ask –

or add?


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