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existence in England and Wales?

16. What in your professional judgement, are the main areas of change, which need to be made in order to achieve more successful resettlement of women ex-prisoners?

17. Finally, this research is primarily concerned with the resettlement of released women prisoners and, as we have discussed, there are already many policies in place with that aim. Could you tell me how, in your opinion, the achievements of such policies can be best monitored and assessed?

All of the professionals interviewed were working directly with female offenders, with the exception of the Parole Board member. They consisted of: Resettlement Prison Officer: 1 In- prison drugs worker: 1 In-prison probation officer: 1 Hostel Workers: 5 ( 3 probation and 1 NGO hostel) Home Office Senior Official:1 Prison Service Senior Official: 1 Social Exclusion Unit Senior Official: 1 NGO Programme for ex-prisoners workers (NGO) 12 Parole Board: 1 Probation Officers: 2 Many of the above had specific and senior positions working with women offenders but they have been given generic titles in order to hide their identity. The majority of respondents were not concerned about anonymity. However, in order to protect the few who were, further efforts to anonymise quotations have been made in the presentation of the Report. 2. Presentational Methodology The presentational mode was determined by the decision of the partners to present the Report as a set of hypotheses to be examined and discussed. 2.i.Prisoner and Ex-Prisoner Interviews. Because of the vast amount of information already available on the characteristics and experiences of women prisoners and ex-prisoners in the UK, and especially in England and Wales, data from the prisoner and ex-prisoner interviews are used only to illustrate arguments rooted more generally in data taken from a variety of other studies, official reports, and official statistics. Quotations in the text of the Report from the Prisoner Interviews are referenced as P1-P9 (the two prisoners who subsequently tape- recorded their life histories are referenced as Kim and Muriel); quotations from the ex-prisoner interviews as XP1-18, the exceptions being Kim and Muriel all of whose interview quotations tape recorded or otherwise are referred to by the


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