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The first number of the Der Weg newspaper appeared on January 1, 1930. It was the pioneer of the Jewish press in Mexico. Der Weg very soon became the voice if the Jewish community in Mexico, promoting its intellectuals, writers and Yiddish theater.

Der Weg was published thrice weekly during ten consecutive years. From its beginning it had national and international news.

On September 18, 1939 the Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) edition appeared with five pages in Yiddish, two in Spanish and nine pages of publicity. The Spanish pages were aimed at the Sephardic and Syrian and Lebanese communities that did not speak Yiddish.

This library has 40 bound volumes edited between August 12, 1931 and December 14, 1977. The newspaper contains reports of the Jewish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, life cycles, theater publicity, business publicity, in a word, the daily life of the Community. Unique collection in Mexico. We have the whole newspaper in microfilm.

b) DI TZAIT (The Time)

“Di Tzait” became a weekly on April 4, 1936 under the leadership of Sh. Zfas and M. Rubinstein. It began life as an independent community newspaper.  A total of 198 numbers appeared and after some interruptions it ceased to exist on September, 1938.

Some of the writers who collaborated in “Di Tzait” were M. Rubinstein, I. Abrams, Salomón Kahan, Jacobo Glantz, I. Berliner, M. Dujovich. The editors contacted the JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency), so they received Jewish world news, besides press material. During the three years it was published it had articles against anti-Semitism in Mexico.

Our library has 4 specimens of the volumes corresponding to 1936-1937.

c) DI SHTIME (The Voice)

Di Shtime initiated in April, 1939, under the administration of M. Rubinstein. In the first number, it had the figure “No. 199”, which meant that it would be an extension of “Di Tzait”. “Di Shtime” appeared as private business and as a weekly.  

The periodical library has 61 volumes of Di Shtime that include the period 1937 to 1979. Unique collection in Mexico.

d) PRENSA ISRAELITA (Jewish Press)

This daily was created by Sergio Nudelstejer in 1945; it was a newspaper in Spanish, later led by Max and Sara Krongold; Zionist newspaper that broadcast news about Israel and the Jewish world.  

The library has 25 volumes from 1953 to 1981.


The Center has publications coming from Mexico, Argentina, Israel and the United States, among which the most important are: Agencia Judía (Jewish Agency), Aliyat Hanoar (Youth Aliya), Di Goldene Keit (The Golden Chain), Dos Yiddishe Folk. (The Jewish People), Dos Yiddishe Vort (The Jewish Word), Folk un Zion (People and Zion), Foroys (Forward), The Future, Mexikaner Shriftn (Mexican Compositions), Tu Mundo (Your World), Sovietish Heimland (Soviet Home), Undzer Tzait, (Our Time), Yiddisher Kempfer (Jewish Fighter), Yivo Bleter (Notes from Yivo) and Tribuna Israelita (Jewish Forum).

a) MEXICANER SHRIFTN (Mexican Compositions)

The first number of Mexicaner Shriftn appeared in February, 1936 as a monthly magazine of literature, science and cultural affairs under the leadership of Moisés Glicowsky. His aim was to “Build a forum for the most representative literary figures in Mexico”.

Local writers who participated were: Jacobo Glantz with essays and poetry; Itzjak Berliner with poetry; Diego Rivera, who wrote about his paintings; Salomón Kahan, M. Rubinstein, A. Jinich, H. Lisker, E. Abrams, A. Yezior, L. Sosnowitz, and Sh. Zfas.

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