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6) Creating a no-interest loan society.

For its operation it was divided into ten departments: commercial, industrial, judicial, public relations, technical advice, publicity, statistics, administration, finance and membership.

The Chamber’s main function was to serve as a link with similar non-Jewish institutions. It took part in the National Committee’s publicity campaign against illiteracy (1942), it cooperated during the Second World War with the Civil Defense Committee of the Federal District.

The fonds is made up of 79 catalogued boxes which were generated during the administration between 1931 and 1957. The most important are the series: Records of the Board; Refugees; Institutional Relations; Hardware Owners; Shoe Wholesalers; Jacobo Landau and Brothers; Jewish Committee for National Redemption and Defense Committee.

Among the most important in the fonds is the file:

Proceedings of the meeting of the Board on March 24, 1931, that established an association under the name of Jewish Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Mexico. The record shows the faculties and obligations of the Chamber.


The Council was formed in 1938 as part of the Mexican Jewish Central Committee under the name of Women’s Section. The women were in charge of assisting the immigrants who arrived as refugees. In 1962 this organization became independent and took the name of Mexican Council of Jewish Women (linked to the International Council of Jewish Women).

Their slogan was “From Jewish women to Mexican women”. This organization has contributed since 1943 to the building, maintenance and attention of nurseries, elementary schools and middle schools. In general, their line of work has stressed education, health and attention to the poor. The Mexican Council of Jewish Women has the peculiarity that their welfare work is devoted exclusively to Mexican society.

The Second World War took them to participate in support of women and children suffering from the consequences of the European war. The Mexican Council of Jewish Women decided to align itself with the International Red Cross to enable them to get assistance into combat areas. The link with the Mexican Red Cross exists till today and represents another important part of this organization’s activities: in financial help, in cooperating with campaigns for that institution and in the attention granted to various hospitals in Mexico, such as the Cardiology Hospital, Women’s Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, Huipulco Hospital and General Hospital.

The Fonds is composed of 39 boxes divided into five sections: Administration; Board of Directors, Accounting, Community relations and Welfare.  


Zionism is a movement created so as to perform the millenary dream of the Jewish people, to return to Eretz Israel and build a State.

In Theodor Herzl’s (founder of Zionism) time, Zionist congresses gathered every year and elected an Action Committee (or executive). The delegates were named by Zionist societies. In time, the mechanism of the Zionist Organization strengthened and grew. The Zionist Organization has federations or societies in almost every country in the world.

The Fonds is made up of sub-funds:

United Zionist Organization

Zionist Federation.

Aliyat Hanoar. Institution in charge of helping children.

Mizrahi organization. Organization of religious Zionists. It works to strengthen religious feelings among Mexican Jews.

The Fonds is integrated by 153 boxes and 59 files.

The most important sections are the Jewish Agency, Aliyat Hanoar and Zionist Federation.



People who have played an important role in the history of the Mexican Jewish Community have often donated their files to the center, among the most important are:

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