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Community that contain institutional information that is non existent in any other place.

80 % of the photographs belong to no institution or person, only to the Center of Documentation. The most important are some like the placing of the cornerstone of the Jewish Cemetery (1927) because of their oldness and rarity. There are 7,000 photographs of one hundred years of Jewish presence in Mexico.

The CDICA has some unique photos in the world, of native Jews in Temixco, Morelos in which we can appreciate images of the cultural syncretism of a Jewish community that lives in a Christian environment but that shows itself by building its temple.

The database of the proceedings of the Central Committee is a unique document because a search can be made by any descriptor that will show ample results. From it, one can get the history of the Jewish community in all its sectors.

As far as integrity, 95% of our documents, newspapers, magazines, photographs and books are in good conditions; the other 5% is made up of some newspaper collections that require some restoration to prevent their falling apart from dryness. The site of the Center of Documentation was built expressly for documentary safekeeping, so it has areas of artificial light with adequate levels of temperature and humidity.

The plan of action includes mechanisms to obtain more income that will allow us to include a series of technical aspects that are necessary for the operation of CDICA (as described in paragraph 6 (Plan of Action)


5.1 Owner of the documentary patrimony (name and description).

Comunidad Ashkenazí de México A. C.  The CDICA forms part of the community that is a benevolent and assistance as well as non profit cultural institution.

5.2 Custodian of the element of documentary patrimony

     Dr. Alicia Gojman de Backal as Director of the Center of Documentation and Investigation of the Ashkenazi Community in Mexico.

Dr. Alicia Gojman is national investigator as well as professor of history at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

5.3 Juridical situation


Regime of the property:

The Center of Documentation and Investigation was created in 1993. It belongs to the Ashkenazi Community in Mexico. It offers service to the national and international public interested in investigating Jewish culture. It is part of the departments of the Ashkenazi Community in Mexico and is considered a non profit institution of investigation and culture.


Conditions for access.

The Center of Documentation and Investigation of the Ashkenazi Community offers access to information by direct consultation both in the catalogues as well as through the use of computers to access the databases. We are about to finish cataloguing the library on-line so it may be consulted through the Internet. We have a copier and a microfilm reader. Consultations may be made by Internet or in situ.


Situation on authors’ copyrights:

The publications of our library present no problem about authors’ copyrights. However, we request the corresponding credit in case of being reproduced. The copyright of our publications is juridically backed.


Responsible administration:

The administration and operation is on the account of the Ashkenazi Community in Mexico and collections depend on its budget and organization according to the legal rulings that regulate its patrimony and the support of financial assistance from its fellow members.


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