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FAQ Online Sales Tax Filing (E-tax)

1) How do I reset my Password? To reset your password, click on the forgot password link (below the logon button). You will need to know your administrator ID and your total receipts for the last period filed. If this is your first period filing, enter zero.

2) How do I change the administrator on my account? Log onto the account using the administrator’s information. At the bottom of the page click on user maintenance. It will denote the administrator’s name highlighted in blue. Click on the administrator’s name. Delete all the old information and replace with the new administrator’s information. Click on update user information to save changes to the administrator. The owner, responsible officer or his authorized designee should register the business for KY E-Tax and give the necessary access to the third party.

3) What if I make a mistake on my electronic return and I have already submitted it? If the return has already been submitted, you must file an amended return. Print or copy the original return, write in the corrected figures to the left of the originally filed numbers and print or stamp Amended on the top of the return. You may submit via fax to (502) 564-2041, or, you may mail to the Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 181, Station 67, Frankfort, KY 40602.

4) How do I begin using KY E-Tax? You must be registered with the Kentucky Department of Revenue and hold a valid Sales and Use Tax permit. Once you receive correspondence from the Department that contains your account information, click on the KY E-Tax registration information for instructions. In order to file the current return online, you must register to file online at least 3 business days before the due date. Otherwise, it is necessary to file a paper return.

5) How long before I can start filing online after I register? You can begin filing your return within three (3) business days after completing your KY E-Tax registration. You will be contacted via e-mail when the registration process is complete and the return is ready for electronic filing. If it is less than three days before the due date of the return, it will be necessary to file a paper return. If you have not received a paper return for this period, contact the Department of Revenue at (502) 564-5170. Please note, once you begin filing online you will no longer receive a paper return.

6) How do I compute my total receipts online? When filing online, total receipts do not include the sales tax. Thus, the electronic return does not require the 1.06 computation that occurs on line 22 of the paper return. (If you need to remove the sales tax total from total receipts, do the computations as you would on a paper return and divide line 21 of the paper return, denoted as net receipts, by

    • 1.06.

      The difference between line 22 and line 21 of the paper return is the sales tax.)

  • 7)

    How do I get help using KY E-Tax?

There is a help feature on the left menu bar of the application. You may call the Kentucky Department of Revenue at (502) 564-5170, Option #1, for help. You can also e-mail the Kentucky Department of Revenue at KRC.WebResponseETAX@ky.gov.

8) How do I remit my payment if I file KY E-Tax? You have the following payment options:

  • a)

    Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard-2 percent convenience fee)

  • b)

    Debit Card (Visa and MasterCard-2 percent convenience fee)

  • c)

    Electronic Check (ACH Debit)-no convenience fee

  • d)

    EFT (if registered)-If not registered for EFT, you may call

    • (502)

      564-6020, or complete the authorization form at EFT Authorization Form and mail to the address shown on the

bottom of the form. e) Check. Please include ending period, business name, account number and type tax. Do not send paper return or a copy of the electronically filed return with your check if you filed online.

9) Do I need to download special software to file KY E-Tax? No special software is needed. E-Tax currently supports Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0.

10) Is the filing due date for KY E-Tax different from normal filing due dates?

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