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Orlovsky Mikchail Sergeevich - psychiatrist of psychoneurologic dispencary No.6 of Kolpinskiy district, Saint-Petersburg. 1/5, Lenina prospect, Kolpino, Saint-Petersburg, 196563, tel.: 8(952)204-89-03.

Material Received 22.12.2009 г.

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UDC 616. 12—008.331. 1:615.851. 13

© O.L. Vlasova, 2010

Vlasova O.L. Clinico-psychological features of patients with a various clinical versions of current of a metabolic syndrome // Preventive and clinical medicine. – 2010. – № 1 (35). – Р.

Smolensk State Medical Academy, Russia, Smolensk, 214000, Krupskay str., 28, tel.: 8(4812)61-08-47; e-mail: sgma.info.ru

Summary: Dynamic inspection of 60 patients with arterial hypertension within the limits of metabolic syndrome in the age of from 35 till 65 years (middle age 47,8±1,1 years) by which besides clinical, laboratory-tool inspection it was spent psychosommatic testing for a background of reception combined antihypertensive therapies is lead: candesartan and hydrochlorothiazide. It is shown, that as a result of treatment at patients it was observed proof  hypothensive effect, there was a tendency to improvement of parameters lipidograme, has raised complaens to treatment, and the main thing, parameters of jet and personal uneasiness have authentically decreased, parameters of a physical, mental condition and, as a whole, the general quality of a life of patients have improved.

Key words: аrterial hypertension and metabolic syndrome; psychosommatic testing; candesartan and hydrochlorothiazide; lipidograme; quality of a life.


1. Баженова М.И. Приоритетные направления психологической работы с хроническими соматическими больными. Сб. Будущее клинической  психологии. - Пермь, 2007. – С. 8-11.

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