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Summary: To estimate the influence of a seasonal factor on the content of the total protein and protein fractions in plasma donors for fractioning we analyzed their dynamics among 341 persons (male and female) aged from 18 to 65. Based on the results of one-factor disperse analysis we established seasonal changes of the following figures of protein metabolism: albumin, the sum of globulins, β1-globulins and β2-globulins – among male and female, as well as γ-globulins among female. The influence of a seasonal factor was mostly observed in globulin-components, especially among female donors.

Key words: seasonality indices of protein metabolism; donation of plasma for fractionation.

A serious shortage of medical preparations is seen at the present time in Russia.  The lag of blood service production complexes behind the international experience, on the one hand, the lack of sufficient resources for medical prophylactic establishments, on the other hand, are responsible for that (1,2). In new category of donors designed for fractionation has been introduced according to the Russian ministry of Health and Social development order in № 175n of 16.07.2008. It is a specialized donation of plasma intended exclusively for production purposes.

Blood plasma plays an important part in the maintenance of homeostasis in the human organism, it ensures a constant volume of liquid in the blood vessels, transportation of different substances arriving in the blood, neutralization and removing of metabolites. The protein composition of the plasma for manufacturing preparations must correspond to the appropriate requirements. Production of preparation out of donor blood and its components is a major problem facing modern transfusiology. Blood preparations are most important for treating patient with severe diseases accompanied by loss of protein.

It is well known that a person consumes more meat foods in the winter and early spring and more vegetables and fruit in the summer and early autumn/ Investigation of indices for protein metabolism in the donors of plasma for transaction and depending on the season was of scientific and practical interest.

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