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Material Received 13.04.2010 г.

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© Yu.M. Grenkova, M.M. Safronova, 2010

Grenkova Yu.M., Safronova M.M. Modern approaches to diagnostics of uterine cervix diseases in post menopause // Preventive and clinical medicine. – 2010. - № 2 (35). – Р.

State Educational Establishment for Additional Professional Training «Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy for Post-Diploma Training of the Federal Agency for Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation», Russia, 191015, Kirochnaya str.,41, tel.:8(812) 272-52-06, fax: 8(812)273-00-39, e-mail: admin@maps.spb.ru

Summary: This study was dew to ultrasonic examination cervix uteri in postmenopausal women. Our data indicated different types of ultrasonic images of cervix due to duration of post menopause. The study involved 91 postmenopausal women, among them 59,3% of cases diagnosed endocervicitis. Were identified ultrasound signs endocervicitis in postmenopausal women.

Key words: endocervicitis; postmenopausal; ultrasonography; ultrasound examination.

In recent years in Russia, a steady increase in number of infectious-inflammatory diseases of the vagina and the cervix of the uterus has occurred, 73,2 % of them involving endocervicitis [1]. Within 10 years following cessation of menstruations, the “postmenopause atrophic vaginitis” occurs in 75% of the women [2]. In the postmenopause, no tendency towards any decrease in the cervix of the uterus (CU) inflammatory diseases can be observed in spite of reduction in the sex activity which might be due to presence of inflammatory diseases in the past, to the process becoming chronic, to errors in the diagnostics and therapy [3].

The clinical picture of inflammatory diseases of the genitals lower segments in the postmenopause women reveals a number of specific features due to age-specific

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