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08, E-mail: www. niidiv.uz

Abdullaev Temurbek Ulugbekovitch – post graduate of Scientific Research Institute of Dermatology and Venerology of Health Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Оffice phone: 8(371) 150-71-05, mob.ph: (+9897) 101-88-77.

Material Received 16.12.2009 г.

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© L.Yu. Nilova, E.A. Orishak, A.G. Boitsov, 2010

Nilova L.Yu., Orishak E.A., Boitsov A.G. Regarding the problem of probiotics usage for intestinal disbacteriosis therapy // Preventive and clinical medicine. – 2010. - № 2 (35). – Р.

State Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Training «Mechnikov Sankt-Petersburg State Medical Academy of the Federal Agency for Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation». Russia, 195067, Saint-Petersburg, K-67, Piskarevsky pr., 47. Tel.: 8(812)543-96-09, fax: 8(812)740-15-24, tel./fax: 8(812)543-01-26. Е-mail: mechnik@gmail.com

Summary: The purpose of the research is to develop the procedure of the individual choice of different trademarks probiotics containing lactobacteria for therapy in intestinal disbacteriosis. The tasks of the research are to examine adhesiveness of probiotics lactobacteria, to compare their adhesive activity to the different epithelia type.

Samples and methods. Cells of intestinal and buccal epithelium are taken for the adhesion. The results are registered in average quantity of bacteria number attached to one epithelia cell. The intensity of the adhesive activity is measured in the scale 1-5.

The results of the research state the possibility to use probiotics lactobacteria rate of adhesion to buccal epithelial cells for understanding their rate of adhesion to intestinal epithelium of a certain patient. The adhesion intensity depends on receptor complementarity of lactobacteria and patient’s epithelial cells, i.e. patient-specific

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