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State Educational Establishment for Higher Professional Training «Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy named after I.I. Mechnikov of the Federal Agency for Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation», Russia, 195067, St. Petersburg, Piskarevsky pr., 47, tel./fax: 8(812)543-01-26, e-mail: mechnik@gmail.com

The I.M.Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy the State Education Institution of Higher Professional Training of the Federal Agency of Health Care and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Russia, 119991, Moscow, Trubetskaya street, 8-2. Теl.: 8(495)248-05-53, e-mail: http://www.mma.ru

Summary: Bloodstream infection (BI) is connected with the presence of both the microorganisms in blood and the clinical symptoms in patients. It is known that high temperature is a leading clinical symptom of infectious disease. Obtained hemoculture confirms the presence of microorganisms in blood. The authors compared the clinical symptoms of bloodstream infection with the results of microbiological blood tests. There were 204 patients interviewed according to a special questionnaire. All patients, blood was analysed by microscopic and cultivation tests. The leading clinical symptoms of patients with BI were: high temperature and chill (63,2%), skin abscesses (72,1%), diseases of upper respiratory tract (63,7%) and unstable stool (diarrhea or constipation) (53,9%). Blood was collected in anticoagulant to have buffy-coat layer which was used for the blood smears and blood culture.

The blood smears for microscopic examination were painted using Gram method.

Blood cultures were kept in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The microorganisms were discovered in 97,8% of the blood smears as  monomorphologies (17,4%) and associations of morphological forms (82,6%). The microorganisms were isolated in 55,2% of blood samples as monomorphologies (64,3%) and associations of morphological forms (35,7%).

It was revealed logical connection between certain clinical manifestations of bloodstream infection and the presence of various microorganisms in blood by

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