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Summary: Presented data on examination to evaluate psychotherapeutic effectiveness of the art-therapy method for patients with depressive conditions of non-psychotic range, coupled with somatic pathology of a different degree and psychopathologic structure.

Key words: art-therapy; affective disorder; psychotherapy; somatic depression.

At the present time long-period somatical (latent depressive) depressions, being so-called “challenge for psychiatry and psychology” remain the object for continuous discussions, and their treatment remains one of the most important problems for the domestic and foreign psychiatry [1–4].

The great interest of the researchers to this problem appears not only due to vast distributions of these depressive conditions (up to 30% – 35%) [5] and high level of psychosocial disorders in patients with chronic somatical depressions but also preconditioned by difficulty and unclear status of numerous doubtful questions on their correction and prophylactics.  

Despite the presence of multiple elaborated plans for farmacotherapy there is no univocal opinion for the action of biological therapy on clinical appearances of different symptoms at somatical depressions [5,6].

That’s why there is obvious the necessity of extension of the therapeutic means for correction the somatical depressions by non-biologic therapy - the psychotherapy.

In this presented examination, the means of correction the affective pathology is used the method of art-therapy, which combines the medical and humanitarian knowledge and helps forward increased effectiveness of therapy.

The purpose of this work. To investigate the dynamics of somatical affective disorders in patients, who underwent art-therapy at exacerbation and remission periods.

Material and metods.At the methodical point of view this investigation was planned as an opened application of art-therapy for treatment of somatical depression.

There were selected the next criteria for inclusion of patients into the trial:

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