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the basal condition of patient (first control point), in 4 weeks from the beginning of therapy there was registered the primary effect (second control point); and the final estimation was performed after 12 weeks at the end of investigation (third control point). The criteria of the good therapeutic effect was considered the reduced rating on the HDRS scale more than 30%. These patients were the group of responders. Other patients were the group of non-responders.

In our investigation there were included 29 patients (15 women and 14 men), who underwent the treatment in a day-time hospital of the psycho-neurological dispensary №6, St.Petersburg. All the patients were appropriate to criteria of the International Classification of Diseases (10-th edition) for the part of somatoformical disorders (somatical depressions) (Table 2). The mean age was 31,4±6,8 years old. The anamnesis of the disease was from 5 months to 16 years, mean length of the disease was 3.9 years. The mean value on the Hamilton’s scale on the moment of inclusion for investigation was 17,2±1,9 what indicates a moderate level of depression in examined patients.

Table 2

Psychical disorders in a sample group

Amount of cases

Exact disease

6 cases

Vegetative depression [1]

2 cases

Apatical depression

10 cases

somatic depressive (somatical) dystimia

11 cases

Vital cyclotimic depression

Analysis of effectiveness.All 28 patients had finished investigation and were included to analysis of the effectiveness. There were no cases of refuse from psychotherapy and impossibility to perform art-therapy due to cancellation of biological therapy or other reasons.

When we used the sign of reduction for summary rating Hamilton’s scale, at the end of course of therapy in all the group of patients, who underwent art-therapu there were subdivided two groups: 16 (55%) patients were included in group №1 - responders and 13 (45%) patients in group №2 - non-responders.

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