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queen will soon return to the fight.  Qd5 ideas for White can always be kicked away with Bc6 and the D-pawn isn't marching very far. A tense position would result and one that White could never have figured out in such time restrictions.

31 -Rh7 32 Bg5 h3

Provocative.  32 -Bd7 is more solid and cleaner.  The advance of the h-pawn can be held back and White doesn't seem to have any decent plan apart from the e4-e5 sac.

33 e5?!

If White doesn't give up the 2nd pawn, then his position will have no activity in it at all.  33 Bf6 was certainly an alternative, but it could be regarded as slightly too slow.

33 -Qxe5

Bringing the queen back into the game and not allowing the white d-pawn to march on causing problems.  33 -dxe5 34 d6+ Kb8 35 d7 Bxd7 36 Qxd7 hxg2 37 Qd6+ Ka8 38 Be4+ Nb7 39 Rxg2 is lost for Black.

34 Re1

Releasing the pressure somewhat. 34 Bf6 would ask the question of the black queen, which would probably hide on h5.  The rook on h7 would then need some shuffling to get back into the game, but the black kingside pawns are becoming stronger the more white messes around.  34 gxh3 gxh3 35 Kc1 f5 is just not good enough for White. he needs action and tactics to keep Black busy.

34 -Qg7 35 gxh3

White has no choice but to open up more lines. 35 Bf4 f5 36 Bg3 Nh4 37 Bxh4 Rxh4 hasn't helped White and only allowed the black pawns look more menacing.

35 -Rxh3

Black must be extremely careful here.  35 -gxh3 36 Bxg6 and White can win the queen with 36 -fxg6 37 Re7+ or 36 -Qxg6 37 Bd8+.  OK, Black would get a bit of material for the queen, but it is unnecessary when the recapture of the rook puts pressure on the c3 square and keeps things under control.

36 Rgf1

Again, White is looking for action down the open files, but Black can deflect this easily enough.  36 Re3 Rh5 37 Reg3 Qe5 was the other way to play it, but White hasn't gone very far.

36 -Rf3

Forcing exchanges.  36 -f5 37 Bxf5 Nb3 38 Qe2 Rxc3 39 Qxg4 looked scary but winning for Black.

37 Rxf3

The tension is getting to White. 37 Be4 Nb3 (37 -Rxc3 is worthless because of 38 Bf6 Qh7 39 Qxc3 [39 Bxc3 f5 40 Bc2 Kb8]) 38 Qc2 Rxf1 39 Rxf1 g3 40 Qxb3 Ne5 41 Bd8+ Rxd8 winning for Black.

37 -gxf3 38 Qe3

More testing is 38 Rg1 pressuring the queen down the g-file and holding up Ne5.

38 -Ne5 39 Bf4 Re8

Trying to be ultra-solid as we scrambled to reach the control.  39 -Nexc4 seems to be very strong: 40 Nxc4 Nxc4 41 Qe7+ Kb8 42 Bd3 and if white ever chops on d6, the king can hide on a6 and the white king is just too exposed.

40 Rg1 Qh8

The other try is 40 -Qf6 41 Bg3 Nexc4 42 Nxc4 Rxe3 43 Bxd6+ Kb7 44 Nxe3 Qxc3 and it’s all over.

41 Re1

Whipped out by my opponent although we had just reached the time control.  Better was 41 Bxe5 dxe5 (41 -Rxe5 42 Qxf3 f5 43 Rh1; 41 -Qxe5 42 Qxf3 Re7 43 Rf1) 42 Qxf3 f5 and Black still has work to do to convert his advantage.

41 -Bd7

Simpler was 41 -Nexc4 42 Qxe8 Nxb2+ 43 Kc1 Qxe8 44 Rxe8 f2 winning.


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