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Before listing members’ gradings, I should perhaps mention the experience of one of our members who felt he had cause to query his grade with the ECF grading officer.  He felt his grade was too low and on re-checking the sheet containing all an individual’s graded results which the ECF sends out about a month before grades are calculated, he found that an entire tournament’s worth of games (not a BCA tournament) had not been sent to the grading officer.  This had led to his grade being a few points too low.  I have heard from other sources that suspect grades are published, particularly at the lower end of the spectrum.  If you feel you have cause to query your grade, please take it up with the ECF grading office; I am only publishing what I have been sent.

Here goes then: Andrews 100 (rapid play 90), Armstrong 155 (rapidplay 134), S. Brown 69, Burnell 137 (rapid play 117), Casey 97, C. Chambers 139, Clayton 83, Cloudsdale 123 (rapid play 133), Cohn 99, Cole 147, Crouch 202 (rapid play 203), Cumbers 174 (rapid play 193), J. Cuthbert 58, A. Davey 76, Fisher 125 (rapid play 115), Gallagher 130, P. Gibbs 156, Gordon 87, Mark Hague 45, Hall 24, Harman 183, Harrington 0, Hartley 135 (rapid play 123), Hilton 146, Hodges 6, Hodgkins 112 (rapid play 108), Irving 72 (rapid play 84), Jenkins 109, J. Kidals 71, R. Kidals 74, Kirkham 71, J. Leonard 83, Lilley 166 (rapid play 141), Littlewood 180, Loftus 130, Lovell 120, Mcelroy 128, Mordue 196, Murphy 101 (rapid play 97), Osborne 40, Patching 35, Perham 74, Phillips 80, Plechaty 85, Ross 184 (rapid play 168), Smith 70 (rapid play 75), Sobers 72, Talbot 0, Thacker 106, Waters 100, Whitehouse 93, Whittle 125, Wickett 64, Willis 111, Wragg 117.

There’s obviously an interesting rivalry developing between the Kidals brothers.  Chris Ross and Bill Armstrong have noticeably increased their grades, while many others have increased theirs by 1 or 2 points.  Where there has been a drop in grade, with 4 exceptions it tends to have been by no more than 5 or 6 points.  I suppose for me the really interesting thing is that some people have higher rapid play grades than ‘normal’ grades.  Slightly more people’s grade went down than went up, with 4 people’s remaining the same.  Good luck to all for next season!

Calling Civil Servants

David Mills, one of our most recent associate members, is interested to hear from anyone who has worked in the civil service or who has played for a civil service team at any time.  David is a keen organiser of civil service events.  

Solution to Helpmate Problem

In the last gazette we had the problem of Black playing first and collaborating in allowing white to deliver mate in six moves.  Position: White Kh4,  Nh8; Black: Kc8, Rh1, pawns on c6,f7 h7 h6 g2 and h2.

Solutions: (a) Black obliges by putting his king on d8 so that Nxf7 will be mate if all the escape squares are blocked. Now 1 Kg4 g1-Q+ 2 Kf5 Qg4+ 3 Kf6 Qc8 4 Ke5 Re1+ 5 Kd6 Re8 6 Nxf7 mate.

(b) If the black king stays put, the mating move has to be Nd6 and this means getting the white king to f8 to cover an escape route and having black pieces on b8 and c7. Black begins with h5 then 1 Kg5 Rb1 2 Kf6 g1-R 3 Kxf7 Rg7+ 4 Kf8 Rc7 5 Nf7 Rb8 6 Nd6 mate.  Very obvious.  Why did I take so long to find these?

Bill Armstrong.


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