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Membership Secretary’s Report

As it is our 75th anniversary, the committee has decided to offer life membership at a reduced rate of £50 from 1st March 2007 to 30th September 2008.  If anyone who is not already a life member wishes to take advantage of this, all they need to do is forward a cheque made payable to the Braille Chess Association (BCA) to either myself or our Treasurer Richard Kidals.

Annual subscribers should remember that their subscriptions are due as of 1st October 2007.  If members wish to continue paying annually, it would be much easier for Richard Kidals and myself regarding administration if you would set up a standing order with BCA for your subs.  Richard Kidals will be able to provide you with the details you require in this respect (editor’s note: see treasurer’s report or terms and conditions in forthcoming events for necessary banking details).

It is extremely important that members observe the following guidelines:  If anyone has details of a new member wishing to join the BCA, or you have a change of address, however slight, or if you require to change the medium by which you receive information, then please do not hesitate to contact myself either by phoning 01926 425803 or by writing to: 44 Moorhill Road, Whitnash, Warwickshire, CV31 2LN.

Obviously it is up to those playing correspondence chess to notify their opponents of any changes to their address or to their use of media.

David Hodgkins.

Tournament Director’s Report

With only two results left to complete the league championship from 2006 to 2007 I think it is now time to ask if anyone would like to take part in the league season starting 1st January 2008 and ending October 31st 2009.  All existing league players will automatically be enrolled unless they notify me otherwise.  If you haven’t played correspondence chess before why not give it a go and enjoy the relaxed style of play and get to know your fellow BCA competitors through the friendly chats that go on through the  tape correspondence.  If you would like to enrol in the league competition please either phone or send an e-mail to mark.hague@gol.gsi.gov.uk.  The competition rules are listed at the end of this report for your convenience.

39th BCA Championship. Results

Group A: Group Leader Gary Wickett

Bishop - Wickett 0.5-0.5 4 Knights 39

Phillips - Brown 1-0 unknown 33

Brown - Wickett 1-0 Kings Gambit Declined 46

Scores: Phillips 2-2, Brown 1-2, Bishop 0.5-1, Wickett 0.5-3.

Group B: Group Leader Mark Hague

Atherton Spink 1-0 Polish 19

Scores: Mark Hague 2-2, Atherton 1-1, Mike Hague 1-1, Spink 0-2,

Gallacher 0-2.

BCA League Results

League Division 4: Group Leader Gary Wickett

Davy-Bishop 0-1 Guico Piano 46

Townshen - Davy 1-0 Unknown

Davy - Cuthbert 0.5-0.5 Kings Pawn 29

Scores: Bishop 5-5, Cuthbert 3-5, Wickett 3-5, Townshend 2.5-5,

Davy 0.5-4 Richardson 0-4.

Friendlies: No friendlies to report.  Please ensure that you send me the results of all your friendly games.  Leading Scorers: Spink 21, Bryant 14, Sobers 12, Patching 8, Hodgkins 6, Atherton 5


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