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Environmental Performance

Environmental Performance

Environmental 4.2


Renewable & Efficient Energy

  • 1)

    Solar water heating.

  • 2)

    Photo-voltaic panel with energy

efficient lighting.

  • 3)

    Natural lighting and ventilation.

  • 4)

    Very low embodied energy.

Water Conservation

5) Waterless composting toilet (enviro-loos by Enviro Options).

6) Rainwater collection and greywater recycling.

7) water efficient appliances i.e. tap aerators and water efficient showers.

Healthy building:

8) Non-toxic finishes & timber preservatives.

9) High level of natural light & Thermal comfort.

Evidence of high performance

ENERGY 1) It is well documented that solar water heaters will typically save 50-60% of a household’s electrical bill.

2) All lighting typically accounts for approx. 11% of a household’s energy use.

3) The plan allows for excellent good cross ventilation and natural ventilation. The curved shape of the roof creates uplift which encourage airflow together with a natural stack effect through glass openable louvered clerestory windows. In addition these enhance the levels of natural light.

4) Embodied Energy is said to account for 30 years of a building’s energy cycle with this building having used a fraction of this.


  • 5)

    Toilet flushing typically accounts for a third of a households water use.

  • 6)

    Garden water is said to account for 35% of a household’s water use,

which is covered by the rainwater tanks and the greywater reuse.

7) The water efficient shower’s, use 11-12 Litres a minute compared to 20- 22 litres per minute typically consumed. Tap aerators cut flow by 50%


8) Safty data sheets confirm non-toxicity of finishes and preservatives specified.

9) The design way exceeds the typical performance of standard conrete block and conrete roof tile with flat ceilings typical to Mtunzini.

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