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Bling Bling Teapot

by Garth Johnson Face it. Anyone who got into pottery since 1990 did so because of the movie Ghost. When you’re learning pottery, though, the loving arms of Patrick Swayze (or Demi Moore) aren’t always wrapped around you. Although I can make a decent ashtray, I never really made it out of the bush leagues when it came to pottery. Fortunately, in ceramics, there are alternatives to manhandling the potter’s wheel or painting little figurines at a hobby shop. Most ceramic objects in this world are made by slip casting, a process involving plaster molds and a liquid clay called slip. There are artists and craftspeople who make exquisite, delicate molds that are works of art in themselves. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people. I make teapots out of simple slip casts of plastic bottles combined with handles and spouts taken from old silver-plated coffee pots. I don’t really have a studio, so I’m fine with making plaster molds in my kitchen. The process really isn’t very complicated. Even a caveman-simple plaster mold can produce excellent results. (See slip mold craftshop page 152.)

You’ll Need:

Teapot molds (see Craftshop on slip mold casting, page 148 for making molds)

1 gallon commercial ceramic slip (available from ceramic hobby shops)

8 large rubber bands Exacto or other brand utility knife Small bag of clay 2 buckets Plastic tarp

Ceramic glaze to match the temperature range of your slip (usually available at the ceramic studio or hobby shop you found to work in)

Ceramic gold luster Rubbing alcohol

A respirator (available at hardware or home improvement stores and most art and craft supply stores) or 1 premade teapot

Printable transfer paper (Lazertran) or other custom ceramic decals

Rhinestones (various kinds, sizes, a few handfuls)

24-hour epoxy glue

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