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Introducing PathWAI Editor for Messages

Introducing PathWAI Editor for Messages

PathWAI Editor for Messages is a suite of tools for generating, editing, and managing messages in WebSphere MQ and JMS messaging environments. These tools enable you to quickly and easily create messaging scenarios to test applications before you deploy them and help you diagnose and correct problems with messages sent by applications already in production.

PathWAI Editor comprises:

  • a message editor

The PathWAI Editor agent acts as a web server, providing browser access to the WebSphere MQ queue managers and JMS providers on its host. This means you can access resources on another system by simply logging on to a PathWAI Editor server on that system.

When you open a queue, PathWAI Editor lets you view, edit, and create messages in it in meaningful formats, as well as in byte-oriented streams of character or hexadecimal data.

The message editor is described in detail in the PathWAI Editor for Messages User’s Guide, which also contains instructions for using it to edit, create, and manage messages.

  • a message format editor

PathWAI Editor uses user-provided descriptions of message structures, called message format definitions, to parse, format, and validate messages. You create these definitions using the Message Format Editor. In addition to tools for creating message format definitions, the format editor provides directory services and namespace organization for the metadata repository in which those definitions are stored. The message format definitions in the respository can be shared through a central LDAP server or accessed through local configuration files.

The format editor and the metadata repository are described in detail in the Message Format Editor User’s Guide, which also contains instructions for using the editor to create message format definitions for XML and non-XML messages.


PathWAI Editor for Messages Installation Guide

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