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Step 2. Select Components

Step 2. Select Components

In this step you will choose the PathWAI Editor for Messages components you want to install locally.

Follow these steps:

1. Select (check) the PathWAI Editor for Messages components that you want to install on this machine. You may install all components at once, any combination of components, or any single component.

The components are described below.

PathWAI Editor for Messages

This component provides a full-function editor for editing, creating, and managing messages in queue-based messaging environments.

Message Format Editor

This component provides the editor used to create the message format definitions that define how messages are parsed and formatted by the message editor. Your site should install at least one Message Format Editor.

CASP Directory Services

This component is an LDAP directory and supporting software that can be used to house the repository of message format and message filter definitions used by the message editor.

Your site should have at least one directory within your PathWAI Editor for Messages network. You may install the directory locally, or use a directory installed on another machine. You may also use a third-party directory or a flat (LDIF) file to house the definitions, but a directory is recommended.

2. Click Next to continue. The Select Program Folder is displayed.

3. Candle recommends that you accept the default program folder shown, but this is not required. If you change the program folder name, make a note of

the new name for your reference: Program Folder Name: ________________


4. Click Next to continue.

The Start Copying Files dialog is displayed.

5. Verify the installation settings shown and click Next to continue. The PathWAI Editor for Messages software is copied to disk.

Installation Steps on Windows


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