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Step 3. Configure the PathWAI Editor Server

Step 3. Configure the PathWAI Editor Server

In this step you set the listening port and security options for the PathWAI Editor server and identify the LDAP directory or configuration where its message format definitions are stored.

Follow these steps:

1. At the prompt: MsgEdit server port number (Default is: 4444):

specify the TCP/IP listening port that you want to assign to the PathWAI Editor server.

2. Optionally, select the security option described below:

Enable UserID/ Password validation?

The user must provide a valid user ID and password to log on to PathWAI Editor.

The following menu is displayed:

Choose from one of the following repositories for Message Format definitions

    • 1)

      LDIF file

    • 2)

      Other LDAP already installed on the same or another machine

    • 3)

      Candle LDAP installed with this package

  • 3.

    At the following prompt:

Use which as repository? (Default is: CANDLE):

specify whether an LDAP directory or a flat file in LDIF (LDAP Data Interchange Format) format will house the repository of definitions used by PathWAI Editor. You may enter either a number or the first word of the menu option (LDIF, Other, or Candle).

You may use the new local directory installed in Step 2, or you may use an existing directory on the local machine or any other machine in your site’s PathWAI Editor for Messages network. You may also use a local flat (LDIF) file as a repository.

Installation Steps on UNIX (Command Line)


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