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    Newly arrived parents and parenting #

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APPENDIX. Interview guide

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How long have you been in Hong Kong? What were your reasons for moving to Hong Kong? How was life when you first arrived in Hong Kong? What about now? How do you compare Hong Kong to mainland China?

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    • 4.1

      What are the things you like about Hong Kong?

    • 4.2

      What are the things you don’t like about Hong Kong?

What are the things that make you happy/satisfied in Hong Kong? What are the things that make you unhappy/worried in Hong Kong? What difficulties did you face? How well do you think your child is doing at present?

    • 8.1


    • 8.2


    • 8.3


What are your concerns about your child? What are the differences in ways of bringing up children in Hong Kong and mainland China? What are your future plans/expectations for your child? What do you think about the services for children in Hong Kong (eg health services, preschool education)?

How well is your family doing? What family concerns do you have?

What more can the society do to improve the situation of immigrants?

Hong Kong Med J Vol 13 No 5 # October 2007 # www.hkmj.org


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