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17th January 2006

e)The proposal will not have an unacceptable impact on areas or buildings of historic or architectural interest or areas of nature conservation or archaeological importance subject to technical and operational considerations.

Where such structures are permitted, approval will be subject to a time limited condition, requiring their removal and the reinstatement of the land.


Installation of a telecommunications mast, which shall be judged upon siting and appearance only.


Health related matters arising from electromagnetic emmissions.


The Occupiers of Barrow Borough Cemetery and Victoria junior School, Devonshire Road, 2 – 20 (evens) Woodland Park, Thorncliffe School, 48, 50 52 and 51 Thorncliffe Road, Ferndale, Cliffe Lane, North Lodge, Devonshire Road, Hoops Basketball Centre, and 1 Thornfield Park, Barrow-in-Furness all informed.

The Occupiers, 2 Woodland Park, Barrow in Furness

“Yet again I am writing to say that myself, husband and 3 children strongly object to the planning application for a telecommunication radio base at Thorncliffe Road the health risks to my young family are a major concern to me especially as this will not be the first of its kind in this area close to 3 schools and housing”.

The Occupier, North Lodge, Devonshire, Barrow in Furness

“I would like to start by expressing my appreciation in being allowed to address the planning committee regarding the application by O2 (UK) to erect a radio telecommunications base station at the Thorncliffe Waste Water Station.   

To begin, I wish to state the fact that I am asking the committee to reject this application.  The main basis for my request is the current existence of a telecommunications mast located on the youth fields next to Thorncliffe School as well as a telecommunication tower supporting three antennae on top of the tower block of the school.  

 In May 2000, the UK government published the results of an investigation into radio frequency fields from mobile phone technology.  Known as the Stewart Report, it states, and I quote,

 ‘There are two direct ways by which health could be affected as a result of exposure to RF radiation. These are by thermal (heating) effects caused mainly by holding mobile phones close to the body, and as a result of possible non-thermal effects from both phones and base stations.  For base station emissions, exposures of the general public will be to the whole body but normally at levels of intensity many times less than those from handsets.’

 At this juncture, I would like to emphasise two points:

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