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17th January 2006

There is inevitably a trade off between minimising the visual appearance and providing a structure that could potentially accept additional equipment, and I consider that the slim line option is most appropriate in this location

There are no sensitive issues such as nature conservation or historic building interests in this location.

Taking these criteria into account, I am satisfied that there is no conflict with policy D54.

The site is located within an area allocated as Green Wedge by policy D4, which identifies open land separating existing developments, in this case the residential areas of Ormsgill and Hawcoat. The aim of the policy is not to prevent all development but to control those that would adversely impact upon this separation. Taking into consideration the nature of the development, and the minor percentage of land taken, I am satisfied that the integrity of the green wedge is not compromised by this proposal.


I recommend that the application be GRANTED subject to the following conditions:

Condition No 1

This consent is for a temporary period expiring on 5th April 2015 whereupon all telecommunications equipment and related infrastructure shall be removed and the ground reinstated to the satisfaction of the Planning Authority unless a further application has been submitted to the Planning Authority for its approval.


The equipment is a temporary structure that is needed to provide a service and is not considered acceptable on a permanent basis.

Condition No 2

Prior to the beneficial use of the installation, the mast, telecommunications equipment, compound fencing and the equipment cabinets within the compound shall be permanently maintained in a matt coloured finish, details of which sall be submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Planning Authority prior to any development commencing on site.


In order to minimise the potential visual impact of the installation.

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