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17th January 2006

United Utilities

“I have no further comment to add to those contained in the enclosed copy letter of 28 May 2005 relating to Application No. JH/2005/1438.”

Copy letter:

“I have no objection to the proposal providing that the site is drained on a separate system, with only foul drainage connected into the foul sewer. Surface water should discharge to the watercourse/soakaway/surface water sewer and may require the consent of the Environment Agency. If any sewers on this development are proposed for adoption then the developer should contact our Sewer Adoptions Team on 01925 464642.

A 90mm diameter water main runs adjacent to the proposed development in Elm Road and we will~ not permit building over it. We will require an access strip of no less than 5 metres wide,

measuring at least 2.5 metres either side of the centre line of the main, for maintenance or replacement. Therefore, a modification of the site layout, or a diversion of the affected water main at the applicant's expense may be necessary. Under the Water Industry Act 1991, Sections 158 & 149, we have the right to inspect, maintain, adjust, repair or alter our mains. This includes carrying out any works incidental to any of those purposes. If a diversion is required the applicant must discuss this at an early stage with the Regional Mains Diversion Team (01925 463191).

Additionally, there is a Deed of Grant protecting the north of the site, under plot 17 The developer should contact United Utilities Geoff Fance (01925 463647) quoting reference N1281 to see if this Deed can be extinguished.

United Utilities offers a fully supported mapping service at a modest cost for our electricity, water mains and sewerage assets. This is a quality service, which is constantly updated by our Map Services Team (Tel No: 0870 7510101) and I recommend that the developer give early consideration in project design as it is better value than traditional methods of data gathering. It is, however, the applicant's responsibility to demonstrate the exact relationship on site between any assets that may cross the site and any proposed development”.


This is a resubmission of planning application 2005/1438 which was reported to you at your meeting of 8th November. Members were Minded to Refuse, and the application was placed on the agenda of your 29th November meeting. Prior to the meeting, the application was withdrawn. My original report is provided as appendix B, within which is the policy background against which the application can be judged. The number of houses has been reduced from 17 to 14, which gives an opportunity for a more spacious layout.

In brief, the application site stands on the east side of Elm Road between an area of terraced housing that is set out in a grid iron pattern with back streets, and Barrow cemetery. This is separated from the site by a 1.5m high sandstone wall. The housing to the north of the site is from the inter war period and consists of semi detached units set out at a lower density than the adjacent terraced streets. Elm Road is an adopted highway, which has street lighting but lacks any footway on either side. Of the four terraced gable ends facing the application side, three of the houses are addressed into Elm Road, whilst all of the end units have ground floor windows.

The site extends some 98 metres from the south facing side elevation of 2 Cedar Road to the opposing flank boundary next to a storage building opposite Maple Street. The width of the site is

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