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Parks and Recreation Master Plan


Purpose of the Plan

The Township of Warren is in a unique position to provide public open space and recreation opportunities for its residents.  The ability to effectively deliver recreation services requires a focused and on-going effort to acquire, develop, and maintain recreation facilities, and a trail and open space system.  Parks, recreation programs, cultural activities, and sports programs are considered important for maintaining the quality of life in Warren Township.

Tom Powers was appointed by Adriane Stewart, Recreation Chairperson, to develop a Parks and Recreation Master Plan committee comprised of community members with various backgrounds and interests.  The committee met twice a month beginning in on April 19th, 2006 and concluding on July 12, 2006.

The Warren Township Parks and Recreation Master Plan has six (6) primary purposes:

To serve as a decision-making guide for the Recreation Commission and Township Committee

To develop an inventory of current recreation and park facilities and programs offered to residents

To recommend and prioritize action or implementation strategies

To identify recreation and park needs within the area

To be used as a guide for obtaining funding and assistance to develop park and recreation opportunities for the community

To serve as a guide for communicating with residents in regard to park and recreation issues and opportunities in the area

This document is to be used for both short-range and long-range decision-making situations.  The information provided details program and facility needs.  This is useful for prioritizing current recreation program and service offerings.  Additionally, this plan identifies important trail linkages that connect neighborhoods and recreation resources in the region.

Organization of the Plan

The Warren Township Parks and Recreation Master Plan contains seven (7) sections:


Purpose and Organization of the Plan


Recreation Commission Vision


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