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Proposed amendments

Proposed amendments to the 2001 Master Plan are intended to be codified to the existing document.  The amendments are referenced to appropriate sections of the 2001 Master Plan.

Proposed land use plan amendment

The Land Use Plan is proposed to be amended for the locations shown on the accompanying map.  The facts and conclusions for amendments are set forth hereinafter.

1.  The Mount Horeb Park (Elm Avenue area)

The area is currently zoned R- 20.  With the exception of the southerly most portion (4th Street and South) no public sewer exists.  No public water service exists for the entire neighborhood.

The majority of land area north of 4th Street exhibits lot size of one plus acre.  Significant portions are classified as forested wetlands on the NJDEP I-Map environmental survey.  Recent NJDEP regulations adopted by the Township require substantial buffer area from streams whether seasonal or annual.  This area is interlaced with seasonal water courses, some man made.

Significant portions of the mapped roadway network are “paper” streets.  The existing streets are substandard having pavement width ranging from 12 to 22 feet.

The infrastructure available does not support half acre residential development.  Because of the grid road network simple rezoning to R- 65 is not appropriate.  The Land Use Plan proposes a one acre minimum lot size with a new zone designation of R-40.

2.  Mountain View (Round Top Road area)

The area consists of properties substantially larger than the minimum lot size required.  Properties to either side of Round Top Road exhibit significant development constraints (forested wetlands).  The Township owns the middle parcel (block 15, lot 8).

Because of environmental constraints, the Land Use Plan proposes redesignation of the area as low density residential (R- 130/65).

3.  Area between the Casale Drive and Casale Drive South (Codington Open Space Area)

This area is a part of the larger lot owned by the Township.  The larger portion is zoned CR-130/65.  The cited area is to be included in that zone.

4.  Stonehedge Court (Old Farm Road cul-de-sac)

The area is developed for single-family residential homes.  Prevailing lot size is 1.5 acres.  The area was developed under the variable lot size provisions of the R-65 zone.  The area is currently zone R-130/65.  It is recommended the area be redesignated low density residential (R-65) to reflect the developed character of the neighborhood.


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