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5.  Dock Watch Hollow Road (Jennifer Lane area)

The area consists of the abandoned Dock Watch Hollow quarry and large lots accessing the Jennifer Lane cul-de-sac.  Substantial portions of the large lots fronting Jennifer Lane are restricted by conservation easement (very steep sloped areas) and Dock Watch Hollow Brook.

The abandoned quarry is identified on the Township and Somerset County open space plans as a future conservation/open space area.

The area is currently zoned R-65/low density single-family development.  Current zoning does not reflect lot sizes or constraints to development.  It is recommended the area be designated R-130/65, consistent with zoning to the easterly side of Dock Watch Hollow Road.

6.  Mason Hill Road

The area is designated low density (1.5 acre lot size).  Lots to the end of Mason Hill Road substantially exceed minimum lot size.  Each lot also features substantial conservation easement designation reflecting the steep sloped conditions.  These lots abut low density/publicly owned land to the west.  It is recommended the area be redesignated low density CR-130/65 consistent with lands to the west.

7.  Brookside Drive

Properties on both sides of Brookside Drive are substantially impacted by the east branch of the Middle Brook and a tributary.  The majority of lots substantially exceed minimum required lot area (1.5 acres).

The east branch of the Middle Brook is classified as a FW-2 (TM) (trout maintenance) stream.  Substantial buffers are required by NJDEP regulation as well as Township riperian regulations.

Current zoning does not reinforce the development character of the majority of the Brookside Drive development nor adequately address known environmental constraints.  It is recommended the area be redesignated low density CR-130/65.

8.  Morning Glory - Mobus Lane

The area features lots substantially in excess of the minimum required (half acre lot).  The area is served in part by private roadways of very narrow width (right of way 20 feet or less and pavement width of 12 to 15 feet).  Lots fronting Morning Glory Road are also impacted by a tributary stream of the east branch of the Middle Brook and regulated by both NJDEP and Township riparian regulations.

It is recommended the area be redesignated low density residential (R-65) consistent with zoning of land located to the north and south of this area.


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