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December 2008 | olume 39, No. 10


pg. 2-3

Business news

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    Message to shareholders

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    dialogue with doyon 2009

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    eMployee spotlights

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shareholder news

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    doyon shareholders honored with aFn presidents awards

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    JoB opportunities

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    Mary nelson receives new deMientieFF award

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    doyon ManageMent training (dMt) prograM v

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pg. 6-7

Foundation news

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    two MeMBers elected to Board

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    thanks new donors/sponsors

  • -

    updated vision and goals

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    high school students eligiBle For scholarships

  • -

    Foundation aluMna naMed chair oF science and engineering Board

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    scholarships eligiBility and deadline inForMation

D R HR S C

Due to the tremendous business growth experienced by the Doyon, Limited Family of Companies, the Doyon Human Resource (HR) Service Center is being reorganized. e change will allow the center to better serve its clients, Doyon employees and the business division’s growth.

  • e reorganization is expected to be completed by December 31, 2008. roughout the transition phase

the center will continue to provide services while making efforts to minimize any impacts to customers.

Doyon, Limited President and CEO Norman L. Phillips, Jr. said, “is reorganization of our Human Resources department provides the foundation for our growth. Doyon is a wonderful company to work for and it truly values its employees. I support a core HR Service Center because it is critical to our ability to remain a strong, competitive company while we keep growing and improving our services.”

W   

  • ose HR staff members that work with Doyon Drilling, Doyon Government Services and Doyon

Universal Services will move out of the HR Service Center and relocate to the three company-specific offices to provide day-to-day services. e services include recruitment, retention, employee relations, subsidiary level workforce planning, performance management, subsidiary compensation and HR compliance. Doyon, Limited will continue to provide these same services to Doyon Properties, Doyon Industrial Group/Doyon Associated, Doyon Tourism and Doyon, Limited.

  • e HR Service Center will remain with Doyon, Limited. e center’s services include HR policy

oversight, benefits management, labor relations, employee relations, training and development, and compliance oversight.

S   

  • e HR Service Center will redirect applicants, applications and phone calls to the appropriate company

during the transition phase. Shareholders applying for a job with Doyon Drilling (DDI) should contact the Anchorage DDI office directly as its HR staff has already relocated with DDI.

For more information on the reorganization, please contact Charlene Marth at marthc@doyon.com.

pg. 8

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    open enrollMent

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Q  E S H

On December 30, Doyon, Limited will mail out a census questionnaire to all shareholders ages 15 to 60 to gather information that will be used as part of Doyon’s workforce development program. is information will ultimately enhance shareholder hire during the company’s rapid business growth. Shareholders 15 to 17 years old are being included because they will be entering the training and/or job market in the next few years. Shareholders over 55 are being included because their work history and experiences are important to this project, even though they may not want to work for Doyon.

H H

  • 

    D, L 

  • 

    F  C


Doyon, Limited President and CEO Norman Phillips, Jr. said, “I am proud to be a shareholder working for Doyon. Now more than ever it is the time for us, the shareholders of Doyon, Limited to take ownership of shareholder hire. It is a critical part of the Doyon workforce development effort. By working together, we can increase shareholder hire and enhance Doyon’s position as a strong Native corporation.”

He added, “Doyon could potentially see a dramatic increase in jobs in the next several years. is growth is substantial, and simply put; we will need more shareholders to fill these new positions.”

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Doyon, Limited

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