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B  D

Miranda Wright | Chair Victor Nicholas | Vice Chair Josephine Malemute | Secretary Florence M. Carroll | Treasurer Robert L. Brean Jerry Carroll Jennifer Fate Michael R. Fleagle Mike Irwin Andrew Jimmie Georgianna Lincoln Robert M. Silas Orie G. Williams


Norman L. Phillips, Jr.


Sharon McConnell Vice President Communications

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for our newslette , or submit articles and photos, please e-mail Erika Swanson at erika@doyon.com

D, L 1 D P, S 300 F, A 99701-2941 P 907-459-2000 F 907-459-2060 T-F 888-478-4755


M  S

Dear Shareholders,

My name is James Mery and I have worked at Doyon in several capacities for more than 28 years. Since 1998, I have served as head of the Doyon Lands and Natural Resources Department. Prior to that I was legal counsel for the corporation. roughout my tenure, I have been involved in numerous special projects and served as interim Doyon, Limited President on two occasions. I have been with Doyon for most of its existence.

  • ere is one word that I want to share which summarizes just about

everything I have witnessed and participated in during my Doyon career – that word is GROWTH.

Doyon and its affiliated companies have grown in size since the corporation was established in 1971. Revenues and profits are many times what they used to be in the early days. Doyon now employs 3,000 people and is one of the Top 10 businesses in the state. e number of shareholders working for Doyon companies continues to increase; in the past three years shareholder hire has increased by 30 percent. Dividends have also risen and the number of shareholders has increased through open enrollment.

  • is growth is truly a great testament of human potential, adaptability and progress. Doyon

shareholders have risen to meet the challenges of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), while overcoming business setbacks and human tragedies to turn Doyon into one of the most successful corporations in Alaska.

I share the pride of Doyon with its shareholders and I am excited about the future growth of the corporation.


James Mery Senior VP Lands and Natural Resources

D  D M S  F 

Each year, Dialogue with Doyon meetings are held in various locations in Alaska and the Lower 48.

  • ese meetings are designed to inform shareholders about the performance of our corporation over

the past fiscal year, and to allow shareholders the opportunity to speak directly to Doyon board members and staff.

In February 2009, Dialogue with Doyon meetings will take place in: Colorado Springs, Colorado; Flagstaff, Arizona; Reno, Nevada; Seattle, Washington; and Anchorage. For more information as to the specific locations of these meetings, please see the calendar on the back page of this newsletter.

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December 2008

B N

D  D M S  F  (  P ) P  

Please send your name, contact information and which meeting you plan on attending to Colita Fiorenzi at one of the following:

Toll-Free: 1-888-478-4755 ext. 2082 Fax: (907) 459-2065 E-mail: fiorenzic@doyon.com

All shareholders who plan on attending these meetings are encouraged to contact Shareholder Records to RSVP no later than December 29, 2008, as the meetings are subject to cancellation if a minimum of 20 RSVPs are not received. ose attending meetings will be entered into a drawing for two round-trip tickets to attend the 2009 Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Fairbanks.

E S

Patti Brown – Paralegal

Rex Hamlett – Corporate Accountant

Patti Brown has been a paralegal within the Doyon, Limited Legal Department since May 2008. Patti handles a variety of legal projects, including assisting Doyon staff with research, preparation and maintenance of corporate documents and corporate filings.

Rex Hamlett is a corporate accountant in the accounting department at Doyon, Limited in Fairbanks. Rex handles the accounting and consolidation of approximately 10 companies within the Doyon, Limited Family of Companies.

Patti is not exactly new to Doyon. She first worked at Doyon in 1995 on a part-time basis to assist with complicated stock transfer files. She has also worked on the new enrollment process, assisting individuals in completing and obtaining the necessary paperwork for Doyon’s Class C enrollment.

Rex enjoys delivering financial data and discussing complex accounting concepts and procedures. “ere is a high degree of financial variety present within the Doyon, Limited Family of Companies,” he said, “and these challenges keep me highly interested and motivated.”

Sharon Groner – Administrative Assistant

Doyon, Limited shareholder Sharon Groner has been an administrative assistant in the finance department since July 2008.

“Working in the finance department has broadened my overall knowledge of Doyon, Limited as a corporation and has given me the opportunity to witness the growth of the corporation,” Sharon said. “It has helped me to learn more about my heritage on many levels, from seeing the artwork and learning the stories from employees and shareholders that visit the building. is helps me get a sense of where I come from.”

“I’ve always enjoyed working at Doyon and the staff here is exceptional to work with,” she said. “e legal department is a busy and interesting department to work in.”

Patti graduated from the University of New Mexico with bachelor’s degrees in Political Science in 1993 and from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 1997.

A Doyon, Limited shareholder, Patti is the daughter of Marion Bifelt of Huslia and the late Harold (Todd) Ballard of Alaska. She is married to Harold “Buddy” Brown and lives in Fairbanks with their two children, Xavier and Alana.

Rex has been in his position since last February. In 2007, he graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and received his B.A. in Accounting. Prior to beginning his career at Doyon, he was employed at Exclusive Paving in Fairbanks, where he did accounting work for the company’s major construction projects. He also interned with Cook & Haugeberg, CPA as an auditor and tax accountant. e next step in Rex’s career includes taking the Certified Public Accounting examination this winter.

Rex is originally from Fairbanks and is a lifelong Alaskan who enjoys spending time with friends and family, fishing, riding motorcycles and hitting the ski slopes.

“I enjoy assisting the financial analysts with the completion of their projects,” she added. “e employees in the finance department are amazing to work with and I continue to learn so much from them.”

Sharon is the daughter of shareholder Pearl Norton from Nenana and Gerald Hull from Vancouver, Washington. Sharon has three children, Patrick “Eric” Brown, Kevin Big Joe and daughter Shannon Big Joe, and one grandson, Dorian Wallace, all of whom are Doyon shareholders.

“I encourage shareholders of all ages to seek out a job opportunity within the Doyon, Limited Family of Companies. ere is a place for you. I believe that because I found mine,” said Sharon.

Doyon, Limited


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