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Logistics Routine Activity Checklist: District Health Office

District health offices (oversees health centre and district hospitals) should complete the following logistics tasks:


Monitor storage conditions at the district stores; follow the storage guidelines for products being stored.

Record all receipts and issues of products to health centers on separate Stock Control Cards for each health centre.


After receiving and reviewing a Supply Voucher, issue products to each health centre.


Review the Report and Requisition (R&R) form from each health centre, check for errors, complete the requisition section, and send the form to the Central Medical Stores (CMS).

Follow up with the health centre if there are any questions or discrepancies on the R&R forms.

Receive the prepackaged orders for each health centre in the district, then complete the following:

Visually inspect the products.

After receiving supplies from the CMS, sign the CMS Dispatch Note; note any discrepancies on the Dispatch Note and the computer-generated R&R form.

Return a signed copy of the CMS Dispatch Note to the CMS.

File a copy of the CMS Dispatch Note and the signed computerized R&R form for each facility.

Notify health centers that their order has been received.

Transfer pre-packaged health centre orders from the CMS (with the computer-generated R&R form).

Conduct supportive supervision visits to the health centers and district level hospitals using the Health Facility Supervision Checklist. For each supervision visit, submit a Report of Supervision Visit to the Provincial Health Office.

As needed

Review and approve emergency orders for health centers; send emergency request to the CMS.

Receive excess drugs from the health centers and send to the CMS.

Receive, review, and approve the Report for Returning Products from the health centers; send the report and products to the CMS.


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