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Logistics Routine Activity Checklist: Central Medical Stores (CMS)**

CMS staff should complete the following logistics tasks:


Monitor storage conditions; adhere to proper storage guidelines for the products stored.

Every time products are received, issued, or transferred to another facility or organization outside the standard CMS distribution system and schedule, update stock on hand in the Warehouse Management System software. Remove from inventory any expired, damaged, or lost products.

Report to the CMS/central MOH staff any quantities of expired, damaged, or missing products.

Use the Dispatch Note to issue products to the health facilities.

Deliver products to hospitals and district health offices with the accompanying Dispatch Note and Report & Requisition (R&R) forms. Receive signed copies of the Dispatch Note; if there are any changes, forward a copy of the Dispatch Note to the MOH.

Manage distribution activities, including a fleet of vehicles and distribution schedules, to deliver health commodities to facilities.


Monitor and manage stock levels and all receipts and issues of products in the CMS.

Provide data on the quantities of drugs issued and received at the CMS including the stock on hand for the PipeLine database monthly update.  

Follow the correct procedures to receive health products, then complete the following:

Visually inspect the products.

Sign the delivery note/other transaction records; on these forms, note any discrepancies in the products received or the quantities received.

Every time drugs are delivered, enter the quantity received and update the Warehouse Management System software with the stock on hand for each drug.


Physically count the products in stock at the end of each quarter; enter the quantities on hand in the Warehouse Management System software.

Receive and review feedback reports from the central office on logistics system performance.  

Participate in quarterly quantification exercise.

As needed

Assess the stock status (months of stock on hand for each drug).

Follow the correct quality assurance (QA) procedures:

Inspect and do random sampling of products to ensure quality, as needed.

Ensure the storage conditions are followed; follow recommended

**Note: The CMS checklist only represents an illustrative part of the complete list of activities that occur at this level in the system; the CMS has a Standard Operating Procedures manual which covers all activities done at the CMS, including the proper storage and distribution of commodities. This checklist is for illustrative purposes only.

This document was produced with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development through Task Order 1 of the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT under contract no. GPO-I-01-06-00007-00.

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