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Logistics Routine Activity Checklist

Central Ministry of Health Staff or Logistics Management Unit (LMU)

Central level staff should complete the following tasks:


Review for quality the Report & Requisition (R&Rs) form submitted by health facilities; enter the data in Supply Chain Manager and approve order quantities.

Communicate directly with facilities for any questions or concerns raised in the R&R forms; follow up on any missing reports.

Generate computer-generated R&R forms and the Dispatch Note; submit to the CMS to pick and pack orders.

Enter quantities actually received at the facilities, as documented in the Dispatch Note.


Generate weekly feedback reports to the district health office (DHO) and cooperating partners on non-reporting facilities and any facilities with stock imbalances.


Receive the stock on hand for all commodities at the CMS; enter data in Supply Chain Manager; monitor stock levels at all facilities in the system.

Aggregate, analyze, and interpret logistics data; then produce and disseminate feedback reports to the CMS, provincial offices, DHOs, the central-level Ministry of Health (MOH), and cooperating partners. Include these illustrative reports:

facilities stocked according to plan

stock imbalances at facilities

non-reporting facilities.

Using the data included on the feedback reports, develop specific recommendations for system strengthening interventions and provide to stakeholders.


Provide data on actual consumption and stock on hand for quantification; participate in quarterly quantification reviews.

Calculate routine logistics indicators; share with key partners any information related to system performance.

Participate in quarterly provincial and district supervisors’ meetings.

As needed

Follow up on problems related to the CMS distribution of drugs to health facilities, including picking and packing, and the distribution schedule.

Provide information and support to the government procurement entities.

Identify any staff needs at the central level.

Develop and maintain terms of reference for the central MOH staff and technical working groups.


Terms of reference for staff members in the CMS/LMU

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