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33. Questioning existing rules and/or work procedures, even if it means “rocking the


34. Relying on the existing work processes and procedures when it

comes to completing his/her job responsibilities.

Organizational Culture (adapted from Cameron & Quinn, 1999).

Rating format: (1= strongly disagree; 2= disagree; 3=somewhat disagree; 4= neither

agree nor disagree; 5=somewhat agree; 6=agree; 7=strongly agree).

N o t e : T h r o u g h o u t t h e s u r v e y y o u w i l l s e e t h e t e r m o r g a n i z a t i o n . W h e n y o u s e e t h i s

term, please think of the highest level (e.g., work unit, division, department, directorate)

within your overall organization that is most meaningful to you in terms of how you

experience your organization’s culture.

Please respond to the following statements in terms of the degree to which they

accurately reflect your organization’s culture, as it currently exists.

1. This organization is a very personal place. It is like an extended family. People seem

to feel comfortable sharing their personal situations with colleagues.

2. The management style in this organization is characterized by teamwork, consensus,

and participation.

3. The “glue” that holds this organization together is loyalty and mutual trust.

Commitment to this organization runs high.

4. This organization emphasizes personal and professional development. There is a

strong focus on developing skills and providing interesting work opportunities.


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