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suggesting a cognitive perspective on the mechanism via which organizational culture

influences processes and behavior. Gioa and Sims also emphasized the importance of

cognition as an antecedent to action: “They [people in organizations] are unique in that

they do not just do, they also think. More accurately, perhaps, they often take action as a

result of their thinking. In a related vein, organizations themselves do not “behave”

independently of the people who construct and manage them.” (1986: 1). Given the

importance cognition has been given in the literature, it seems surprising that the impact

of culture on the cognitive roles as bridging mechanisms and process variables, which

link the organization and the individual has not been explored. I use a role theory

perspective to propose that organizational cultures create cognitive roles functional for

the specific organizational environment, which reduce ambiguity by suggesting that

specific patterns of behavior are appropriate and expected in the organization (Biddle,

1979; Katz & Kahn, 1978; Schein, 1985).

Therefore, I am examining the impact of specific dimensions of organizational

culture on individual role perceptions. The culture typology based on the competing

values framework defines organizations as reconciling multiple demands, resulting in

four different strategies for managing organizational processes- by focusing on internal

stability, internal flexibility, external stability, or external flexibility. Building on the

predictions of the competing values framework that organizations with different cultures

pursue different ends (Cameron & Quinn, 1999) such as cohesion in the clan culture,

external competitiveness in the market culture, adaptation through innovativeness in the

entrepreneurial culture, and preserving the status-quo through strict observance of the

existing rules in the hierarchy culture, I propose both positive and negative relationships


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