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Initial focal MBA sample. I collected data from 206 participants, working in

organizations and studying as part-time MBA students. The average age of respondents

was between 26-35 years (71.8%), female participants accounted for 24.80% of all

respondents, 98.50% of the participants were employed full-time during the data

collection period in a variety of occupations as follows: 21% in financial

services/banking companies, 16% in consulting/government relations companies, another

16% in high tech companies, 10.50% in the government in defense contractor companies,

(the remainder were employed in various types of companies, each accounting for less

that 10% of the sample). Respondents had average company tenure of 3.31 years

(SD=2.70) and average job tenure of 2.45 years (SD=1.88), 33% reported that they

worked less than 50% of their time as part of a work team. The majority of respondents

categorized themselves as White/Caucasian (58.30%), followed by Indian

Subcontinental/Pacific Islander (14.60%), Asian (14.10%), African American (6%),

Hispanic/Latino (6.50%), and Native American (.5%).

Coworker/supervisor sample. A total of 792 coworkers responded to the coworker

portion of the survey regarding work behaviors of 202 of the MBA student participants

(98% of the focal participants). A total of 358 supervisors responded to the supervisor

part of the survey for 193 MBA participants (94% of the focal participants). I did not

collect any demographic data from the supervisors and coworkers because they were only

providing ratings regarding the focal MBA or the organizational culture (coworkers).

There was no theoretical reason to believe that demographic data would influence these

particular ratings.


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